Massage Therapy in Minnesota

Today, massage is a widely accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs. It has proven beneficial to many chronic conditions, such as lower-back pain, arthritis, and bursitis. At Hands With Heart, we apply time-tested techniques to offer you a healthier body and peace of mind.

Taking care of your body should be at the top of your priority list. By adding therapeutic massage to your routine now, you’ll feel, look and simply be healthier far into the future. In fact, stress relief alone can improve your vitality and state of mind. So what better way to prep for a long, happy life than a relaxing, therapeutic massage?

An increasing number of employers are adding on-site chair massage to their list of employee benefits.

While its primary objective is to relieve the stress and tension suffered by workers, there are also preventative benefits to be gained from Massage Therapy. So even if you feel that your work force is functioning perfectly well at the moment with little absenteeism, you may want to consider workplace massage as a preventative measure in order to help keep your workers fit and healthy and employee morale buoyant. Compared to other employee benefits, many employers are finding that on-site chair massage is relatively inexpensive, especially when both employee and employer get to reap the benefits.

Regular massage treatments can help prevent employees from developing stress related illnesses and repetitive strain injuries while also having a positive effect on employee morale. An on-site massage program may also help establish the organization as an employer of choice.

Best of all: Chair Massage is Cost Effective!

Not only will you be amazed at the increase in productivity and efficiency, you will be surprised at how cost-effective chair massage is:

  • There is no up-front investment in equipment or facilities.
  • Scheduling is flexible, allowing you to include it in the workday without interrupting the work flow.
  • Chair massage is one of the most affordable and effective wellness programs available.
  • Chair massage can lower health care costs by reducing workman comp claims.

*Check with your health insurance carrier and accountant to learn what health care premium and tax reductions might be available to your business.

Chair Massage is Simple to Arrange

Call Hands With Heart to set up a one-time trial event such as a Wellness Fair or an Employee Appreciation Day. You will find it easy to schedule and highly affordable. Encourage employees to get a massage. The best way to do that is to get a massage yourself, urge managers and supervisors to follow your lead, and then have them encourage others. Be sure to note the change in employee morale and the boost in office energy. Designate a coordinator to work with your Hands With Heart Massage Therapist in creating an ongoing schedule that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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