Corporate Chair Massage Benefits

On-site massage therapy creates happy, healthy and relaxed employees by encouraging an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual respect. It can also be a tool in reducing on-the-job stress and repetitive motion injuries. Including this healing art as an employee benefit sends a clear message that you appreciate your employees…and who wouldn’t want to stay where they are most valued? Start reducing stress and sick days, improve performance and attitudes and be thanked for it – by both staff and management.

Massage Reduces Stress

Is Stress Really A Problem?
You can’t open a newspaper today without reading about the negative side effects of stress. Even if employees aren’t experiencing stress at work, other sources of stress can have an adverse impact on work performance.

According to Fortune Magazine, The American Institute of Stress estimates that stress and its consequences, such as absenteeism, burnout and mental health conditions, cost American businesses more than $300 billion a year. In studies at the 3M Corporation and the University Of Miami School Touch Research Institute, chair massage recipients demonstrated a significant reduction in stress responses.

Chair Massage in the Workplace offers Numerous Advantages to both Employers and Employees:

  • Raises staff morale and creates an upbeat work environment.
  • Boosts energy and alertness leading to increased productivity.
  • Reduces stress allowing greater efficiency.
  • Increases circulation providing better focus.
  • Calms the nervous system permitting prolonged concentration.
  • Reduces muscle tension which is a major contributor to chronic pain, repetitive strain injuries and low-back pain.
  • Provides a complete change of pace so the body and mind can relax and refresh.
  • Reduces downtime and sick days
  • Reduces health care and benefits costs
  • Shows your goodwill towards your employee’s wellbeing
  • Gives you preferred Employer status
  • Increases bottom line results – having the cost of business reduced and profitability increased

In today’s world, every business strives to gain a competitive advantage that will allow an organization to quickly achieve its highest business objectives. One approach is to capitalize on employees, the heart of every institution. Studies show that happy, healthy employees contribute more to a company’s bottom line.

Incorporating on-site chair massage into your Wellness Program will allow your company to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and minimize insurance costs, while improving the quality of life for your employees. Give Hands With Heart a call today and add on-site chair massage to your Wellness Program. Your employees will thank you for it!

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