Onsite Massage Therapy As An Employee Benefit

Employees Benefit From Massage Therapy

More Companies Offering Massage Therapy As An Employee Benefit

Minnesota companies are now getting more creative with their benefits and offering Massage Therapy to their hard working staff.

Many companies are suffering from staffing difficulties, increasing the importance of employee retention. Creative approaches are giving many employers a competitive edge in the war for talent.

If you’re like most employers responding to opinion surveys today, finding and keeping competent workers is a major challenge. Employee turnover is costly, causing workforce instability, reduced efficiency, lower effectiveness, and negative impact on the bottom line.

Massage Therapy at Google

In our research, we have found many companies that do some unique things to attract, optimize, and hold their valued employees. Some approaches may seem a bit out of the ordinary, but that’s what helps position those companies as Employers of Choice. To be chosen by the employees you want is a worthy objective, especially when your competitors are eager to hire the same people.

Then there are companies like Google that pull out all the stops. The company boasts approximately 35 massage therapists in the United States and looks to add more. “The goal is to triple the number of massages we give each week,” declares Google massage program manager Babette Villasenor on a YouTube video accessible from the company’s website.

A Massage Therapist at Google explains about their corporate massage program.

Why Provide Corporate Chair Massage for your Employees?

  • · Reduces tension/stress
  • · Increases cognitive function
  • · Reduces back pain, headaches
  • · Improves range of motion, flexibility
  • · Reduces high blood pressure
  • · Reduces pain and repetitive stress symptoms
  • · Improves immune system leading to fewer illnesses
  • · Increases employee morale
  • · Significantly improves mood
  • · Reduces anxiety

You don’t have to be a large corporation to offer employees a chair massage in your Minneapolis or St. Paul office. Chair massage works for any size and type of business that manages hard working employees.

Chair massage in the workplace offers numerous advantages to both employers and employees. It is cost effective and easy to arrange. And your employees will thank you for it!

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