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Stress in the Workplace Is a Costly Epidemic

Of course, stress is a factor in every one’s life, particularly during major events such as marriage, divorce or buying a home. But according to the Holmes-Rahe Life Events Scale, which rates the levels of stress caused by such events, many of the most stressful events are related to the workplace: firings, business readjustments, changes in financial status, altered responsibilities, a switch to a different line of work, trouble with the boss, variations in work hours or conditions, retirement and vacations.

While the physical effects of this epidemic are often emphasized, the economic consequences also are alarming. Workplace stress costs U.S. employers billions of dollars per year in absenteeism, lower productivity, staff turnover, workers’ compensation, medical insurance and other stress-related expenses. Considering this, stress management may be business’s most important challenge of the 21st century.

Making Massage Therapy Part Of Your Wellness Program

A growing number of corporations are implementing employee wellness programs to keep their staff healthy and to reduce the frequency of sick days. Chair massage is an excellent addition to a corporate wellness program because of its convenience and lasting benefits. Therapeutic massage has been proven effective in calming anxiety, reducing stress and improving mental clarity. Physical benefits include relief from muscle aches, lowered blood pressure, improved circulation and improved immune system function.

Having an effective wellness program has great benefits for employers and employees. Businesses that launch Wellness Programs are not simply investing in the physical and mental wellness of their employees; they are improving the health of their entire organization by instilling a positive corporate culture.

You don’t have to be a large corporation to offer employees massage in your Minneapolis or St. Paul office. Chair massage works for any size and type of business that manages hard working employees.

Chair massage in the workplace offers numerous advantages to both employers and employees. It is cost effective and easy to arrange. And your employees will thank you for it!

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