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Massage in the Workplace

Is your workplace productive? Everyone knows running a business isn’t a one-man-show. Give back to the many who make it all possible, your employees, by contacting Hands With Heart to set up a workplace massage session in your St. Paul MN office. We’ll come to you, with all the equipment, training and knowledge. There’s nothing you have to do but get the word out and see the excitement on their faces.

Workplace Production Benefits

With budgets to stay with-in, deadlines to meet, priorities to determine, the office can get loaded with it’s fair share of tension. All that stress can lead to soreness fatigue and even cause people to take an extra day off from the fuss. Which can cause negative effects on the entire business as a whole.

Tension Relief

Once that deadline was met, budget was perfected and the priorities are all set, let your office relax, with a 15, 20 or 30 minute massage. We don’t use oils, all of our massages can be performed with office attire still on, which saves time. Our massage therapists are all certified and experienced in this type of massage setting. Release all the weight that big project has put on you and your employees shoulders, with the help of Hands with Heart.

Celebrate the Good

If your business is looking at its best year yet, Celebrate! Show everyone that it pays to work for you and you care about their efforts. Don’t let your office think their late nights, long hours and dedication is going unnoticed. An affordable workplace massage will show them exactly how much you appreciate them. Set a yearly or monthly goal for them to reach, and then reward them with a massage certificate or a “Massage Day” in the office. The motivation of your staff may just surprise you!

Affordable and Beneficial

As a company owner, it’s important for you to think long-term. Celebrating with a pizza party may make most employees happy but after it’s all said and done, your office is going to be in a ‘grease coma’. On top of that, you’re clogging their arteries and who’s offering their health insurance?

Offering your employees a relaxing massage from Hands with Heart doesn’t have those unhealthy side effects. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. After a massage from our licensed therapists, productivity is increased, so is concentration. A workplace massage can even lower health care costs by reducing workman’s comp claims and there’s no risk of clogged arteries!

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