Office Massage St. Paul MN

Office MassageThe stresses of your everyday workload these days can often make it nearly impossible to be able to give your employer 100 percent of what you have to give. Stress causes tension, fatigue and pain that can detract from people doing every part of their job to their best ability. Getting an office massage in St. Paul MN from a company like Hands With Heart is a very workable solution that is good for the employer as well as the employee. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tax-deductible way to let your employees know that you truly appreciate their hard work?

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Corporate Chair Massage Company St. Paul MN

Office Massages St. Paul MNAre you a St. Paul, MN company in search of a massage experience that will come to your office? Hands With Heart does just that! Our massage therapy options are affordable and are known to reduce stress, pain, even workers comp claims and with very little time our therapy sessions can bring your entire team back into focus. Whether you’re interested in our employee paid office massages or employer paid options we can work with you, so everyone benefits.

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Workplace Massages St. Paul MN

Massage in the WorkplaceIs your workplace productive? Everyone knows running a business isn’t a one-man-show. Give back to the many who make it all possible, your employees, by contacting Hands With Heart to set up a workplace massage session in your St. Paul MN office. We’ll come to you, with all the equipment, training and knowledge. There’s nothing you have to do but get the word out and see the excitement on their faces.

Workplace Production Benefits

With budgets to stay with-in, deadlines to meet, priorities to determine, the office can get loaded with it’s fair share of tension. All that stress can lead to soreness, fatigue and even cause people to take an extra day off, from the fuss. Which can cause negative affects on the entire business as a whole.

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On Site Chair Massage St. Paul MN

On Site MassageIf you have an event in the St. Paul MN area, no matter the kind, an on site chair massage will bring major benefits to it. Bring the spa to you; whether it’s for a health, fitness, personal or a corporate setting, incorporation a massage will bring positive energy, relieve tension and even improve attentiveness. An on site chair massage can also easily add motivation.

A chair massage, performed by Hands With Heart, can take anywhere from 15, 20 to 30 minutes. We focus on techniques that allow you to keep your clothes on. It’s as easy as walking into the designated area, simply sitting on a chair and leaning forward, we’ll take it from there. Our licensed and trained massage therapists relieve strain in your neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands. The areas that typically see most stress when at a desk or on a computer (which is a daily activity for over half of Americans).

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Minneapolis On-Site Chair Massage | Workplace Massage Minneapolis MN

Chair Massage and On-Site Massage Therapy Many of us are stressed with struggling to balance work-life, family-life, and trying to implement personal time into our busy lives. We, as a North American culture, are OVER stressed, leading us into a fast paced frenzy, with an increasing population suffering from muscle tension and pain, depression, anxiousness […]

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On-Site Chair Massage In The Workplace

Reducing Stress With On-site Chair Massage Massage therapy can boost morale, increase productivity and even help with attraction and retention. Studies by the Touch Research Institute in Florida show that the benefits of chair massage have quick results. Immediately after massage sessions, the subjects experienced a change in brain waves in the direction of heightened […]

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Onsite Massage Therapy As An Employee Benefit

Employees Benefit From Massage Therapy More Companies Offering Massage Therapy As An Employee Benefit Minnesota companies are now getting more creative with their benefits and offering Massage Therapy to their hard working staff. Many companies are suffering from staffing difficulties, increasing the importance of employee retention. Creative approaches are giving many employers a competitive edge […]

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Office Chair Massage To Manage Stress In The Workplace

MN Corporate Chair Massage Stress in the Workplace Is a Costly Epidemic Of course, stress is a factor in every one’s life, particularly during major events such as marriage, divorce or buying a home. But according to the Holmes-Rahe Life Events Scale, which rates the levels of stress caused by such events, many of the […]

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